Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Celebrations

The close of May signals the end of the school year for the girls and marks the beginning of summer long celebrations. Kaylani celebrated her 15th on May 31 and Kenzi celebrated her 12th just yesterday, on June 16th. Next up is my birthday and then my nieces, Jasmyn and Lilly. So we celebrate a birthday about every 2 weeks all summer long! With Kaylani turning 15, now it seems all we talk about is what kind of car she wants...we've had fun driving by the car lots every time we go into town. I can't seem to talk her into a Jeep Wrangler, which has been my dream car since I was 16. With the nice summer weather we've been having, all she can dream about it is a convertible. I did spy a convertible in a car lot and would you believe that a Jeep Wranger was sitting right next to it. Of course, the convertible was considerably less than the Jeep...drats!

Kaylani just turned 15 and for her birthday, we always have an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. It has been a tradition to have ice cream cakes for her birthday ever since we moved to Indiana years ago. Hot pink with zebra stripes is her latest fashion favorite in her little diva world.

And my little Kenzi just turned 12. I was amazed that she agreed to get her picture taken so I could scrap this momentous occasion....she hates the camera as much as I do :)

Kenzi has tradtionally gotten a big chocolate chip cookie, the size of a medium pizza for her birthday. This year, to be like big sister, she insisted on getting an ice cream cake too. However, after watching a cake boss episode, she decided she wanted to make her own strawberry cake with strawberry icing and shape a monkey out of fondant for the top. All I have to say is, "Look out cake boss, a few more cakes under her belt and you may have some competition!" ;)


  1. Lynn ~ the girls are quickly becoming beautiful young ladies ... they are breathtaking to look at (they take after their mother, of course!). Happy birthday to all of you! Love seeing all your posts. Have a wonderful birthday (all of you).


  2. You have two very beautiful daughters! They sure grow up fast, don't they!!!