Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tea Anyone?

With Kaylani's sweet 16 falling on Memorial Day this year, there's a lot of talk about getting her first job and what she wants to do when she graduates. Next year as a junior, she will be taking cosmetology classes in the morning before her school day begins and she will have her beautician's license when she graduates high school. She thinks it will be a wonderful job to have while she attends college. Up until last year, Kaylani always thought that she would move to L.A. after high school and become famous. But she seems to be settling down and getting serious about what she wants to accomplish in life. Now we've narrowed it down to being a pharmacist or pursuing interior design. So next summer, I am her sending off to the Art Instute's Summer Studio to attend a 5 day course in interior design. Maybe it will her decide if she wants to major or minor in interior design. School is coming to an end (this Friday!) and she brought home some of her artwork. One of the projects was a self portrait and then they had to create their name with items that related to their personality. I totally love the Tea Anyone? Piggie drawing. Just between you and does my heart good knowing she really has other talents besided texting!

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  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!! First of all your daughter is gorgeous!! and second of all her art work is simply amazing!! I too love the tea one! Simply amazing!! lovely!!