Monday, June 21, 2010

Cute as a Bug Layout with Baby No-No

This is my brother-in-law's nephew, Baby Noah. Is he not the cutest thing? I could just eat this kid up! My nieces, Jazz and Lil, call him Baby No-No. So when he gets into trouble, will hollering "No-No" prevent him from getting into trouble or will he just keep on trucking right along thinking you are just calling his name? Hmmm...sound like a great psychological experiment!

This paper line is KaiserCraft Jungle Bug Collection. If I had a boy, his whole room would based on these earthy and handsome hues. The caterpillar was created with a sheet of Celebrate Superb from My Mind's Eye So Sophie Collection. You have got to try out the new My Mind's Eye So Sophie Collection. These papers are so thick and have such a lovely texture to them. It was so refreshing to see My Mind's Eye up their game in paper quality while other competitors are cutting back on their quality because of the economy.

And by the way, what is up with all these storms?? I woke up to rain this morning. Which made me think of Friday night when we had a doozy of a storm. Now the sun is shining and I can still hear it rumbling out there. Friday night we had a wicked storm. I was on the phone with my sister and I stepped outside to have a gander at the storm and I see tree limbs, a stroller, a lawn chair, a garbage can and a pet carrier flying down the road towards my driveway. I immediately got off the phone and the girls asked to pray. It's comforting to know that prayer is their first line of defense against fear. After the storm, Kenzi and I went out to look and see if there was any major damage. There was none. And in the sky, was a beautiful rainbow, and when Kaylani finally came outside to look with us, there appeared another rainbow. Kaylani absolutely hates storms.  It was as if God had created a rainbow for each of them letting them know that He is always there to answer their prayers. The word "twofold" came to mind, so I hunted up the definition: equal to twice as many or twice as much; double; a twofold increase. I could ponder that definition and it's application to that night's events for days. I finished this Cute as a Bug layout yesterday and I woke up today with Noah's baby pictures on the brain. So is it coincidence that the day I choose to blog about the double rainbow, is the day I choose Baby Noah's picture to scrap. Can you see where this is all going? :)


  1. Your layout is beautiful and what a gorgeous photo of the rainbow! I found you through Lisa's blog-Letters and Lace. So glad I stopped by!

  2. This is such an adorable layout and such a beautiful picture of a double rainbow!!