Friday, April 4, 2008


Juggling my crazy schedule is a bit daunting at times. My oldest daughter last night asked me how I juggle everything without getting so stressed. Then she ran down the list of things I juggle on a daily basis and the bumps in the road we encountered recently as a family and I had to tell her to quit with the list because listening to that growling list really made me stop for a second and consider just how really full my plate is. Then she ran down her list of things she had to juggle as a teenager and I have to tell you, I so love my plate better than hers! She was naming off the list because she wanted to know how to balance out her life and not get so stressed. I don't remember being stressed as a teenager but then again...that was a long, long, long time ago! So we took a big time-out last night from everything...we all went out for a nice dinner and she just let loose about everything that was on her mind. And then it all came back to me....I suddenly remember that teenage stress is when your hair isn't just right for the day, every chic on the block seems to have your name on their hit list, every class seems just too hard, and there just isn't enough time in the day for chit-chat, iPods, text messaging and internet chat. O.K. so back in the Stone Age we didn't have iPods, internet chat and text messaging...but I could understand her we are heading into Spring Break next week, she's made up her mind to take a break from her social life and just cool her jets a little. I have had a few scrapbook pages in mind to create with her so over the past few weeks we have been looking at all the wonderful layouts on the net to discover her teen scrap style she would like for her pages. She however was stumped on what kinds of patterned paper was her favorite. So the other day I went to pick up some paper packs that I just love and use on my own scrapbooks and when I brought all the paper packs in the house and sat them down next to Kaylani, she was drooling over the papers. You all will be proud to know that she has her mother's taste in paper patterns! (One point for mom!)

Kaylani and I were discussing all the behind scenes stuff I create and receive but haven't posted on the blog, so here are some R.A.K.'s, (random acts of kindness). I receive the most treasurable creations from fellow scrappers and card-markers from everywhere and it's such a blessing and a joy that it just makes a girl feel fabulous. My thanks to all of you, because these are my beautiful delights!

This adorable card is from Jenne and comes all the way from England! I have always admired her cards and now that I have seen one in person I love her cards even more!! They look so fabulous in real life!

This is from Michelle in New York, I had seen her own exploding album on the MB and just loved it! I have always wanted to make one for myself but never found the time. She has really has talent because they are just beautiful! She made one for me and one for each of the girls too!

This is from Claudette in Florida. She makes some beautiful jewelry pieces. When I got them in the mail, I quickly put them on even though I was in my casual sweatpants and a t-shirt and I have to tell you, those pearls would make anything look gorgeous! I would show you a picture of the bracelet and necklace she gave to my girls but they always wear them to school and I haven't had a chance to snap a pic of them yet.


  1. I think it's so awesome that you and your daughter have that kind of bond that she feels comfortable coming to you! I hope my DD is the same way when she gets older...I didn't have that type of relationship with my mom back then (though now I do).

    What great RAKs you've gotten!

  2. Great stuff. I love the exploding albums. I have heard of them but thought they would fit in a photo album. But they look more like thick boxes. Great designs...lucky you. Lisa