Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My blog has won another award!!!

Michelle has once again given my blog an award. She's the best! I love checking out her should go check it out too! Thank you so much, Michelle!

The rules for this award:
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs you've nominated.
Here are the blogs I have awarded:
Funny Jenn
Qween Davia


  1. Not sure how I add the award to my blog...haha. Thx for the lovely award :o)

  2. WTG that is great. You deserve it. Your layouts are wonderful.

  3. Thanks Lyn!
    Things have been ruff for me lately and this just absolutely made my day!!
    Thank for being a faithful follower of my blog :) I havent been posting but Ive been around and been keeping an eye on your work (which as always is FAB!)
    THanks again!...and umm my question is the same as lori's- how do I add it to my blog?
    kisses xx

  4. To post the award to your blog: Right click and save pic to your computer. Create a new post on your blog and click the picture with the mountain to add the image from your computer! Hugs ~Lynn